Sunday Sketch

I love vintage telephones almost as much as I hate drawing them. I challenged myself to try to draw one in this assignment, by drawing a kind of pop art inspired woman whose phone was half drawing and half earbud.

incorporating a three dimensional object into a drawing was most challenging in terms of mapping out the proportions of the drawing in relation to the object. I was in awe of how many different ways Christoph Niemann found to incorporate objects into his sketches. It takes a very specific way of looking at the world that involves a lot of the training that artists go through to learn about depth and shadow and perspective. Some of the most impressive of his drawings were the ones that had to have been drawn with forced perspective and an object that pops out of the page (like the tank drawn with a tube of paper towels. I would have loved to try one of these, but the technical skill involved was a little more than I could manage.

another angle of the same drawing
I added a thought bubble later, because I thought it would be funny

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