Literacy Narrative

(Image: mine)

In writing my Literacy Narrative I first tried to trace a story line through my experience with writing. As I made my way through chronologically I came naturally to some kind of conclusion about what role writing has played in my life at different times. The image I chose to be featured on the site is an old picture of me, I hadn’t learned to read yet, but I had developed a habit of memorizing the words to my favorite books and reciting them as I pretended to read.



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  1. Grace,
    I am in awe of how beautifully written your narrative is. I remember on the first day of class, you describing that your parents are like “hippies” and you really captured that in the beginning of your essay, when you told the reader about the time you started writing “liberty” and “in God we trust” all over a sheet of paper and your mother’s reaction. I think my one question for you to maybe review when you return to your essay is to maybe address your relationship with reading and writing in a classroom setting, as that tends to be an important theme throughout many students’ growth within the study of English. Much like my essay, I think you really tried to connect the reader to your childhood and how reading impacted both the different hobbies you acquired over the years and how you grew up.

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